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December 19, 2012 at 3:23pm

One Direction Preferences - He Hits You In Front Of The Boys (Harry)

"Oh Harry…" You sigh as you look at another photo of Harry shoving his tongue down someones throat. Your boyfriend Harry had got back from America about a week ago. He needed space and needed to relax, you understood that. What you didn’t understand however was his need to go out, get drunk every night and kiss a new girl every day. He had started to come home later and later and just not talk to you, you had eventually resorted to sleeping on the sofa but he never noticed. He was too tired when he walked out in the morning to go to work and too drunk when he came back! You felt your eyes welling up and before you knew it you had thrown the article across the room and you were sitting on the sofa, your knees tucked into your body, crying your heart out. The door opened and the sound of his voice echoed through the house, the thought of seeing him drunk again and not caring about you made you sob even more, but this time he was perfectly sober.
"Hey (Y/N)…" He started but when he saw you crying he stopped in his tracks then walked a little closer. You hunched yourself up tighter and he stopped again. Then, the other boys walked in on the sorry scene and went completely silent.
"What’s up?" Harry asked you and you sniffed before pulling your head up to look at him.
"What’s up?" You asked, all Harry could do was nod. "What’s up? Hmm, I wonder…Maybe it’s the fact you never want to spend any time with me anymore or maybe it’s the fact I’ve been sleeping on the sofa for the past week but you never notice, Maybe it’s the fact that you just keep snogging OTHER GIRLS!" You scream running to get the article from the other side of the room and shoving it in his face. The colour in his cheeks left and his jaw dropped slightly, he had nothing to say, He didn’t care anymore. He had lost all his fight.
"(Y/N)…" He started but you wouldn’t let him finish.
"No Harry, I’m done!" You say as you start to walk to the door.
"I’m sorry!" He says, you spin around and glare at him.
"Sorry? You kiss more girls than I have meals in a day!" You cry. Harry started to look angry and he got closer, raising his voice.
"I said sorry what more do you want?" He asks, you feel like sitting down and crying but you refuse to give up.
"How about you spend some time with me for once? How about you tell me you love me? How about you stop playing tongue twister with every girl you bump into but you never kiss me!" You say, mentioning all of the things that had been scratching away at your calm exterior over the past few days.
"You ungrateful bitch (Y/N)" was all you heard leave Harry’s mouth before you felt a sharp pain surge over your face from your nose, a punch. You fell to the floor and let out a scream of pain and that’s when the glint in Harry’s eyes turned from anger to regret. He knelt down to your level and reached his hand out to touch your now bleeding nose. You cowered away from him and whimpered out in pain.
"P-P-Please don’t hurt me again!" you say, Harry’s hand snaps away quickly as he realises that your scared of him. Niall comes up to you and slowly bends down to your level, reaching his own hand out to your face. You shiver as he touches you, the pain surging through your face.
"Harry…I don’t know why you did that but you’ve made her nose bleed and I wouldn’t be shocked  if tomorrow she has a huge bruise!" He said, hoisting you up gently and leading you towards the sofa. The boys stayed for the rest of the evening, afraid to leave you alone with Harry but they obviously had to leave eventually and when they did you wanted to run so far and never come back. Harry just retreated into the bedroom whilst you settled down on the sofa. An hour later his head appeared from behind the bedroom door.
"(Y/N)…I am so sorry it’s unbelievable. I hurt you, bad. I know I never tell you I love you and I really should because believe me I love you to the moon and back (Y/N). I take you for granted and I can’t ever do that again because losing you would just make everything pointless boo!" He whispered, you rolled over to try and block him out but he climbed onto the sofa and lay with you. The pain from your nose ached so much that you found it hard to concentrate on anything else. He sung you to sleep gently and when you woke up he was sat in front of you with painkillers and breakfast.


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