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March 19, 2013 at 3:18pm

One Direction Preferences -You Get Food Poisoning And He Looks After You-(His P.O.V)

(I had already done a ‘you’re ill and he looks after you’ so i thought i should make it more specific, hope that’s okay for the person who requested it

Harry: I walked in the door and put my keys on the table. I had slept at Niall’s flat last night with the boys but all I wanted now was to see (Y/N), I pulled off my jacket and flung it over the sofa.
"Y/N?" I shouted through the house, no reply. That made me realise something was wrong, she’s normally the first one to wake up. I walked through to the kitchen and the dining room, nobody. Next was the bathroom, still nobody. I trudged up the stairs and knocked gently on the bedroom that me and (Y/N) shared. I heard a soft groan from inside and i opened the door to find (Y/N) curled up in a ball on the middle of the bed.
"Hey Beautiful!" I said, walking up to her and sitting down on the bed, she rolled over and groaned again.
"Hey, hey, hey! What’s up?" I asked. 
"I ordered a takeaway last night from a new place that I hadn’t tried before and it’s just made me really ill, not sure what it is…stomach cramps….headache…hot and cold…been sick" she said, listing off the symptoms she had. I felt so awful, my baby had been suffering with all these awful things and I had been at Niall’s drinking beer and playing guitar hero. 
"Oh, boo…" I said. It killed me inside, seeing her ill and not being able to do anything about it. I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the living room. "One sec" I said, kissing her nose before going into the kitchen and grabbing some paracetamol and putting the kettle on. I walked back into the living room to find her asleep on the couch. I held her close and whispered in her ear "I love you and will always take care of you…"

Niall: "I feel really ill…" (Y/N) complained, holding her stomach. We were sat on the sofa watching a few films and cuddling after just having been out for a huge dinner to celebrate me coming home from the tour.
"Aww babe…" i said, rubbing her arm and holding her that little bit tighter. 
"I think i’m going to be sick…" she mumbled, I laughed it off, I thought she just felt really full and had eaten too much.
"Shouldn’t have eaten so much then should you?" I said, winking at her. She then ran off and up the stairs, covering her mouth all the way. It was then that I started to panic, (Y/N) never got ill and on the very odd occasion that she did it was always serious. I ran after her and just hoped to god she wasn’t dangerously ill. I found her hunched over the toilet, vomiting again and again so I knelt down by her side and pulled her hair out of her face, rubbed her back and made sure she was ok.
"I don’t think this is eating too much…" I mumbled and she shook her head before being sick again.
"I think it was that food from last night" she croaked, her throat raw. I continued to hold her hair back and rub her back, trying to do anything I could to make her feel better and to see her smile again. I sat with my back against the bath, waiting until she felt at least a little better. She finally stopped being sick and I pulled her closer to me.
"Forget about anything else today babe, I can stay at home and look after you, I just want you to feel better"

Zayn: I rolled over in bed, expecting to see (Y/N) looking beautiful as always but all I saw was white sheets. I sat up and looked around in confusion. No (Y/N). That’s when i heard a small whimper from our shared bathroom and so I quickly ran to find her curled up near the toilet, throwing up.
"Aw babe…" I mumbled, walking over to her and holding her hair out of her face.
"No Zayn…I don’t want you to see me like this…" she mumbled, looking up at me, face pale.
"Don’t be ridiculous (Y/N) I answered, tracing small circles on her back and trying to make her feel better any way that I could. When eventually her sick seamed to cease I lifted her up in my arms and carried her back to bed.
"Thank you…" she mumbled, her voice croaking. I frowned at her, I really hated seeing her ill because it made her so helpless and I always had to leave her to go and do work.
"Anytime boo…you need anything?" I asked her and she shook her head but I could tell that she wanted something, she was just holding back. "Tell me! I don’t mind getting you something?" I said to her.
"Cuddle me?" She asked
"Of course" I replied, climbing into bed.

Louis: As soon as we left the restaurant I knew something wasn’t right. (Y/N) looked terribly pale and was unusually quiet. We had gone out on a date for valentines day and we had tried a new restaurant but I was starting to regret that looking at (Y/N).
"Are you alright love?" I asked as we stood up to leave the table. She just nodded, bringing her hand to her forehead and rubbing her temples. "Sure?" I asked her, securing my hand around her waist.
"Yeah..just feel a bit off" She said. I made sure I held her tight all the way to the car. The cameras flashed and the paps shouted but all I wanted to do was get (Y/N) home. We got into the car and she was looking worse by the second.
"I think it’s the food Lou…" she mumbled, rubbing her stomach"
"Oh babe, don’t worry, we’ll get you sorted out soon" I said putting my hand on her leg to try and comfort her. When we eventually pulled up and got into the house (Y/N) ran to the bathroom, I followed her quickly and found her leaning against the bath.
"You really do look terrible babe…" I said, she scowled at me and replied with
"Yeah Louis…I feel terrible."
"I’m sorry baby, just worried!" I mumbled, pulling her into a hug. I vowed to myself at that moment that I would look after her until she was better, she was my world.

Liam: I was stood in the kitchen cooking breakfast for (Y/N). I had only just come back from a tour and I wanted to make up for all the time we had lost so i thought I would do one nice deed for her every day and so today I was cooking her breakfast. I had missed her so much that last night I had taken her to a new restaurant in town and then we had sat on the sofa all night and watched movies. I heard the bedroom door open and I turned around with a huge smile on my face only to see her looking as pale as a ghost with huge bags under her eyes. I rushed straight over to her and grabbed her arm gently.
"Babe…Are you ok?"I asked her, she shook her head as her eyes crinkled up a little bit. "What’s up baby?" I asked her, my brow creasing up in worry.
"I don’t know…think ti might have beent he food last night?" she mumbled.
"Oh sweetie…I’m sorry I didn’t know the food would make you ill, I swear I would have never taken you there if I had known" I said, starting to panic. She shook her head and smiled.
"It’s fine baby…just need to have a lie down" she said, walking past me and flopping down on the sofa. I followed her and put my hand gently on her head.
"You’re burning up!" i exclaimed running to the kitchen to get her water but by the time I came back she wast fast asleep. I looked at the way her face looked model esque even though she was ill, and she was mine.

sorry this is so bad im awful since i havent written in a while!


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